Harima is the home of Japanese sake. Harima sake culture tourism

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Harima is the home of Japanese sake. Harima sake culture tourism

Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

Privacy policy (way of thinking about privacy policy)

I'm treating Harimakouikirenkeikyougikai appropriately based on "Himeji-shi privacy policy ordinance" about collection of personal information, use and management as well as am making an effort toward website making everybody can use surely.

1 The kind of collected information

(1)Collection of personal information
When you usually read Harimakouikirenkeikyougikai official website (It's called "our website" in the following.), it's necessary to elucidate no kind of information about yourself. Our website can be read freely while being anonymous.
 But, I'll request elucidation of your name and e-mail address by a case by inquiry by public comments, administration Fureai e-mail and other e-mail.
You don't offer sent personal information (everybody of the user, information about an individual) to a third person without your permission even in that case.

(2)Record of a Web server
A Web server in Himeji-shi records an IP address of your computer automatically.
But you don't specify an individual for this. Unless you elucidate personal information personally, you can read our website while being anonymous.

2 Appropriate use of personal information and management

The personal information you offered is treated as a secret and is used only between the user and Himeji-shi. Any personal information you offered to Himeji-shi opens to a third person without one's own agreement based on privacy policy ordinance or, isn't offered.
Collected information is used for a plan of grasp of status and administrative service, the total for improvement and an analysis of our website, and it isn't used for anything but that.

Harima sake culture tourism

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