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Eigashima Shuzo

Recommended Products

  • Kamitaka

    神鷹 大吟醸35

    A special dish of Mr. Aoi, who has been charged a small amount for the conference. Taste that there is gorgeous flavor and solid umami taste.

  • Kamitaka
    Junmai Ginjo Yamada Aoi

    神鷹 純米吟醸山田錦 中取り

    At the stage of squeezing alcohol, only the superior part in the middle part is bottled. A slightly sour taste with fruity.

  • Kamitaka
    Junmai Ginjo Yamada Aoi (Black)

    神鷹 純米吟醸山田錦(黒)

    100% use of Miki Sanada Mochi. It's a mild, dry, and tasteful drink with a hint of aroma.