Harima is the home of Japanese sake. Harima sake culture tourism

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Inami Shuzo

Recommended Products

  • Aoitsuru Yamadanishiki Junmai

    Aoitsuru Yamadanishiki しずく Junmai

    The lavish use Miki Yamada Nishiki production, net sake rice 50%. Taste full of the clarity was charged in whole climate of Harima.

  • Aoitsuru Junmai Ginjo

    Aoitsuru 純

    Taste of rice crowded melted in a Tanrei taste without hesitation. Junmai of the highest grade of milled rice 50%.

  • Aoitsuru Yamadanishiki Shinshirozake

    Aoitsuru 酒壷(みき)Yamadanishiki 心白酒

    Junmai Ginjo large honed more than half of the production Miki Yamada Nishiki. Taste with the width obtained by dissolving the U.S. to become the low-temperature fermentation, gorgeous sake incense.