Harima is the home of Japanese sake. Harima sake culture tourism

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Kanzaki Shuzo

Recommended Products

  • Manaino Tsuru HonJozo

    大吟醸 龍力 米のささやき

    Taste that does not get tired of mellow taste. It goes well with Japanese food, but the sake wide to be able to enjoy at the table every night.

  • Ryuo No Mai Junmaishu

    純米大吟醸 龍力 米のささやき「秋津」

    Taste with the sharp and elegant body and of the pure sake, is the one which you do not get tired to drink a little dry.

  • Gin No Bashamichi Junmaishu

    大吟醸 ドラゴン青ラベル

    Junmai for tourism planning highway of Japan's first supported the modernization of Japan in the "carriage road".