Harima is the home of Japanese sake. Harima sake culture tourism

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Oimatsu Shuzo

Recommended Products

  • Suehiro

    Suehiro Oimatsu

    There is a rich also among the acidity and refreshing. And to cherish the taste of its founding, and taste of local many years, has been loved by Shiso region.

  • Namazake

    Namazake Matsukaze

    Recommended after cooling it is pure alcoholic drink that has not been pasteurized, to drink cold lock. Hot summer, it is recommended to sleepless nights.

  • Koshu

    Koshu 善次郎

    Dish of limited quantity built to commemorate the 240-year history. Mellow sake aging amber aged five years in the elephant taste that hark back to the brandy and white wine.