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Tsubosaka Shuzo

Recommended Products

  • Junmai Ginjo
    Seppikosan Murokagenshu

    Junmai Ginjo

    Junmai Ginjo fragrant with Hyogo Prefecture Yamada Nishiki. Taste with the roundness that pursue a quality sake.

  • Junmai Ginjo Seppikosan
    Yume Nadeshiko

    Junmai Ginjo Seppikosan

    Sake Junmai Ginjo of using yeast flower of pink. In love with a gorgeous fragrance, depending on taste.

  • HonJozo Seppikosan
    Hitohada no osake

    HonJozo Seppikosan

    Human skin temperaTure can be recommended, dry sake that faint sweetness spreads aftertaste. You get crisp in cold sake Well even.